Revolution vs Black Widows Showcase

Originally written June 3, 2019 as a private journal entry.

You could breathe in excitement. Taste it.

The chattering. Murmur of hundreds in the stands, locals and internationals alike.
The stadium lights spotlit the fields. We are the showcase, we are the entertainment.

I remember looking around in awe – that I was here, playing Revolution in Medellin in front of a huge crowd.

I felt the weight of the years I have been playing, training, reading and learning that brought me to this point. I felt equal with my incredible teammates as we geared up to face one of the best clubs of all time (2018 WUCC Finalists, 2018 US Open Finalists, and later that year, 2019 US Open Finalists and 2019 PUL Champions).

And what a game it was! We scored 6 on them & gave them a fight.

That’s all I wrote for this entry. (: One day I will add to how this tournament experience is my current #1.

Special shout out my Black Widow sister, Rica, for founding the team and inviting me to this amazing tournament, Torneo Eterna Primavera.

BlackWidows in TepColombia

!Black Widows en Colombia!Nos visitaron desde #Filipinas y se llevaron una gran experiencia que marcó sus vidas. Jugadoras de diferentes lugares en Asia se dieron cita en el TEP Colombia para competir al mas alto nivel femenino del mundo. Se van enamoradas de nuestro país. -Blackwidows es el primer equipo élite de mujeres asiáticas que defienden la diversidad a través de la visibilidad Desde la LíneaDisfruta de todo nuestro contenido exclusivo en ..#desdelalínea #tepcolombia #blackwidows #asianplayers #medellin #desdelalíneajuntos #ultimatechampionship #frisbee #colombia #fielesdesdelalínea #luna

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