This website is to share little projects.

intersectional identities


  • middle socioeconomic status
  • nuclear family until middle school → single parent households
  • born & raised in Canada
  • immigrant Filipino parents

  • cisgender woman
  • heterosexual/curious

my personal missions:

(as of March 2020)

  • I coach performance, optimizing strength & conditioning, mental training, nutrition, and recovery, so people can be the best version of themselves.
  • I legitimize Ultimate by professionalizing opportunities and reducing barriers to play at all levels of the sport.
  • I support environmental conservation by reducing waste & purchasing carbon offsets, and I foster inclusive & diverse communities by spearheading equitable opportunities.

(I’m enabled to mission-critical work through small businesses. Feel free to check out my company, The Ultimate Experience, and a company I coach with, GamePoint Performance!)

Do you resonate with these missions? Send me a message!

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